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11 Pioneers BHMS Graduate Join the Government Homeopathic Medical College

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Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges Celebrating victory

Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges Celebrating victory 

Faculty members in esteemed Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges In a great victory for homeopathy, Dr. Anwar Hussain and a strong team of 11 skilled professionals emerged victorious after a long legal battle. Their unwavering commitment to the cause has led to their meritorious appointments as regular. 

New chapter in Govt Homoeopathic Medical College

This historic achievement is not only a personal victory for the individuals concerned, but a significant breakthrough for the entire homeopathic community of Bangladesh. Dr. Imrul Kayes, a seasoned expert in Homeopathic Medicine of the the Directorate General of Health Services, played a vital role in ensuring this victory.

A warm welcome from the GHMC family

A warm welcome from the GHMC family

The faculty of the Government Homoeopathic Medical College consists of 11 graduates, each with BHMS degrees in Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery. The new mandate promises to enrich the institution’s academic landscape.

Case Number: 59.00.0000.111,99,003.19-198

Government of the People’s Republic of Bangladesh Ministry of Health and Family Welfare Department of Health Education and Family Welfare Bangladesh Secretariat, Dhaka
Par-3 branch

Release Date:

20 Agrahayana 1430 Bangabd
05 December 2023 AD


High Court Writ Petition No. 10190/2016 Appeal Case No. 91/2018 and Civil Review Petition No. 219/2018 Ruling Order and Directorate of Health dated 21.10.2009 AD. Dated Health/Heade:Chi:/2002/Honorary/95/6744/1(3) No-Memorandum and dated 29.12.2009 AD. Appointed and appointed by the Ministry of Public Administration dated Health/Heade:Chi:/2002/Samman/95/6837/1(3) 01.03.2021 AD. Memorandum No. 05.00.0000., Bangladesh Public Works Commission Secretariat Dated 10.11.2021 AD. Finance Department Expenditure Management Department Memorandum No. 80.00.0000. dated 07-02-2022 AD. Ministry of Finance Implementation Department Memorandum No. 07.00.0000. dated 26.06.2022 AD. 07.00.0000. dated 07.00.0000. and Ministry of Law, Justice and Parliamentary Affairs dated 20.09.2023 AD. 10.00.0000. dated 10.00.0000. against the names of the following 11 (eleven) Honorary/Unpaid Teachers to the post of Lecturer and Hospital Medical College and Hospital (Hooverment College) Recruitment Rules, 2016′ Date of gazette i.e. 12.05.2016 AD. From Government Homoeopathic Medical College and Hospital Mirpur, Dhaka:

11 Names and Pay Scales

11 Names and Pay Scales

11 Names and Pay Scales:

01) Dr. Imrul Kayes 01-09-1971 AD. Lecturer – Homeopathic Pharmacy – Father – Md. A: Hakeem –

02) Dr. Md. Mostafizur Rahman Siddiqui Father: Md. Lutfar Rahman Siddiqui – 03-03-1972 AD – Lecturer – Psychology –

03) Dr. Md Mosiuzzaman – 17-12-1972 AD. – Lecturer – Father: Kamiz Uddin Ahmed –

08) Dr. Muhammad Shariful Haque – 25-12-1978 AD. – Lecturer – Father: Muhammad Emdadul Haque –

05) Dr. Nur Alam Russell – 17-12-1979 AD. – Lecturer – Father: Mukhleshur Rahman-

06) Dr. Md. Rashedul Arefin- 21-12-1979 AD.- Lecturer- Father: Md. Abdur Razzak-

09) Dr. Muhammad Shahi Emran Hossain Father: Muhammad Ilyach Mia – 30-10-1975 AD. – Lecturer –

08) Dr. Narottam Debnath – 16-08-1971 AD. – Lecturer- Father: Gopal Chandra Debnath-

09) Dr. Md. Selimur Rahman- 17-11-1972 AD.- Lecturer- Father: Md. Khalek Hossain-

10) Dr. Ashok Kumar Biswas – 07-11-1973 AD. – Lecturer- Father: Chitta Ranjan Biswas-

11) Dr. Anwar H. Biswas Father: Md. Abul Hossain Biswas – 16-05-1975 AD. – Lecturer – Community Medicine –

Pay Scales and Grades

9th grade
22000-53060/- 9th Grade


A Dream Realized: GHMC’s Success Story

Government Homoeopathic Medical College Students’ Union congratulates all the newly appointed teachers and doctors. This achievement represents the culmination of years of perseverance and a profound breakthrough for homeopathic medicine in Bangladesh.

Best wishes from Motalib Homeopathy

Best wishes from Motalib Homeopathy:

As this news resonates worldwide, Motalib Homeopathy extends its warmest wishes and congratulations to Dr. Anwar Hussain for this well-deserved success. His promotion to Grade IX of National Revenue is a testament to his dedication and skill in this field.

A proud moment for Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges

A proud moment for Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges

In a parallel announcement, GHMC proudly welcomed 11 new faculty members, reinforcing its commitment to nurture and advance homeopathic education. This remarkable breakthrough is not only a win for the individuals involved but a huge breakthrough for the entire homeopathic community, cementing its place in the medical landscape of Bangladesh.


As these 11 pioneers begin their roles as educators and practitioners, they are carrying forward the torch of homeopathy, inspiring future generations and contributing to the evolution of healthcare in Bangladesh.


The visuals that accompany this occasion are not just snapshots; They embody the spirit of dedication and profound influence of these individuals in the field of homeopathic medicine. As GHMC proudly shares these images, it invites everyone to celebrate and witness the bright future promise of homeopathy in Bangladesh.


conclusion: Government Homoeopathic Medical Colleges victory for homeopathy


In conclusion, this collective victory symbolizes not only individual achievement but also the unrelenting spirit of the homeopathic community. Dr. Anwar Hussain and 11 graduates, now stand as beacons of inspiration for academics, aspiring homeopaths and educators.

The Government Homoeopathic Medical College expresses its gratitude to everyone who has contributed to this success, reinforcing its commitment to advance homeopathic education in Bangladesh. As the homeopathic community rejoices, the impact of this achievement resonates beyond the institution’s walls, promising a future in which homeopathy plays an increasingly important role in healthcare.


This victory is a testament to the unwavering faith in homeopathy’s power to heal and educate. As the newly appointed faculty members assume their roles, they carry with them a legacy of not only knowledge but also stability, courage and commitment to the growth of homeopathic medicine in Bangladesh.

Stay tuned for more updates and insights on the evolving landscape of homeopathy in Bangladesh and beyond.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)


  1. Question: Is Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical College offering admission in 2023?

     – A: For the latest information on Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical College Admission 2023, please refer to the official admission notification.


  1. Question: Where can I find the list of homeopathic medical colleges in Bangladesh?

     – Answer: You can search a comprehensive list of Homeopathic Medical Colleges in Bangladesh with 2023 admission information.


  1. Question: How can I get the list of doctors of Dhaka Government Homeopathic Medical College Hospital?

     – Answer: For the list of doctors in Government Homeopathic Medical College Hospital, Dhaka, you can directly inquire with the hospital or check their official registry.


  1. Q: What information is available about Federal Homeopathic Medical College?

     – Answer: For information about Federal Homeopathic Medical College, you can check the official website or contact the college administration for details.


  1. Q: How can I access the facility registry for homeopathic medical colleges in Bangladesh?

     – Ans: You can directly inquire about facility registry for Homeopathic Medical Colleges at respective colleges or visit official websites for information.


  1. Question: Is there any homeopathic medical college in Jessore?

     – Answer: To know information about a Homeopathic Medical College in Jessore, you can check the list of Homeopathic Medical Colleges in Bangladesh or check for specific announcements.

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  1. Assalamo Alycom
    I hope one day homeopathy will main medicine. its a great victory for Government Homeopathic Medical Collages. i wish them better future in Homeopathy.

    Abdul Kadir
    Dhaka, BD

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