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Incredibly Powerful Homeopathy bd in Bangladesh from 1972 to 2024

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Dr. Nayamot Ullah

Dr. Nayamot Ullah

Homeopathy Doctor • 19 Years Exp | BHMS (DU), MBA, CHME (HU-Jaipur) India | Senior Consultant - Cancer/ Tumor

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Homeopathy bd in Bangladesh

Get Wonderful History About Homeopathy bd in Bangladesh:

Exploration into the world of homeopathy bd in Bangladesh, 2024, with Dr. Nayamot Ullah. Describe the world of alternative healthcare, where the power of homeopathy bd shines. Discover the accessibility of renowned remedies like homeopathic medicines and witness the impact of dedicated. Homeopathic doctors and companies shaping the landscape of holistic wellness. This essay will show you the history of homeopathy bd from 1972 to 2024 and hope you will get the best. Information about homeopathy bd. If you like the article, please leave a wonderful comment and touch your signature. We will appreciate every single person who loves homeopathy and take our participants to cancer volunteer activities. 


The Great Journey of Bangladesh Homeopathy BD: Bangladesh Homeopathy Board

 The world’s fastest and most essential homeopathy is an alternative medicine. It is also beneficial to learn about the German physician Samuel Hahnemann, who discovered homeopathy in 1796. His renowned method of treatment, discovered in 1790, is called homeopathy. Only one person in the whole world has proven that any drug that causes symptoms in a healthy person can cure a patient with acute symptoms. Through the disease-causing power of medicine lies its disease-curing power. Asia’s biggest community of homeopathy is called the Bangladesh Homeopathic Board, established in 1972, and is an autonomous institution under the Ministry of Health and Family Welfare. It plays a crucial role in regulating homeopathy in Bangladesh. Homeopathy, founded by Sheikh Mujibur Rahman, is a well-known alternative medicine.



Cantharis Homeopathy Bangla is available:

Cantharis, a major homeopathic remedy, is extensively used in Bangladesh for issues like urinary tract infections and skin ailments. Detailed information on its key characteristics is provided. 

Cantharis Details Explained with Aggravation and amelioration:

Often Sensitivity and bleeding tendencies will cause burning sensations and inflammation. It feels cold from 3 p.m. to 3 p.m. Increases before, during, and after urination; the sound of water, cold, coffee, and cold drinks. Decreases in cold, heat, sweat, and lying down. Most of the time, violent anger, increased convulsions, anxious impotence, delirium, and delusions Urinary urgency with intolerable urgency. Collect details from the famous Homeopathy bd Book. The name is “Homeo Prosikkhon Materia Medica, 4th Part, written by the late Dr. Motalib Miah.”


BD Homeopathy: The Famous Motalib Homeopathic Medicine Store in Bangladesh

Homeopathic medicine store in Bangladesh, like Motalib Homeo Medicine Online, provide a wide range of remedies. The article introduces Motalib Homeo’s online store for convenient access to homeopathic medicines. Highlighting their role in providing a wide range of homeopathic remedies to the local population. Welcome to the Motalib Homeo Online Store. Call or WhatsApp 01552-359545 to order.


The Best 3 Important Homeopathy List of Remedies

We provide a list of important homeopathic remedies, emphasizing their availability at home for immediate use. Homeopathic remedy for studying. It includes medicines for acute or chronic diseases and relief from instant problems. If you travel to or visit a pilgrimage site like Haj, Umrah, or anywhere else, you can carry the little homeopathic medicine kits. That’s here:

Aconitum Napellus,

Belladonna, and

Arsenicum album.


Collect Homeopathic BD: Bangladesh Homeopathic Medicine Act’ 2023

The ‘Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical Education Act, 2023’ has been enacted to promote research and development in homeopathic medicine. The bill focuses on expanding higher education and improving service quality. The minister said that through this act, the expansion and development of higher education, research, quality of service, and facilities in homeopathic medicine will take place. Meanwhile, the bill titled ‘Bangladesh Homeopathic Medical Education Act, 2023’ has been brought to the National Parliament.


Most Useful Homeopathy Medicine List in Bangla

This section emphasizes the importance of providing a list of homeopathic medicines in Bengali, making the information accessible to a broader audience in Bangladesh. The list includes the top 50 and second 50 homeopathic medicines with their names.

Top 50 Medicines:

(1) Acid Nitric

(2) Acid phos

(3) Aconit Nap

(4) Agnus cast

(5) Allium cepa

(6) Antim Crud

(7) Apis Mel

(8) Aralia Racimosa

(9) Arnica Mont

(10) Arsenic Album

(11) Bacillinum

(12) Belladona

(13) Bryonia Alb

(14) Calcarea Carb

(15) Calcaria Fluor

(16) Calcarea phos

(17) Carbo Veg

(18) Carcinosin

(19) Causticum

(20) China off

(21) Cimicifuga

(22) Dulcamara (Dulcamara)

(23) Graphites

(24) Hepar Sulph

(25) Kali Bichrom

(26) Lachesis

(27) Ledum pal

(28) Lycopodium

(29) Medorrhinum

(30) Merc Sol

(31) Mezereum

(32) Nux vom

(33) Phosphorus

(34) Phytolacca

(35) Psorinum

(36) Pulsatilla

(37) Rhus Tox

(38) Ruta Gra

(39) Sabina

(40) Secale cor

(41) Selenium

(42) Senecio

(43) Sepia Off

(44) Silicea

(45) Spigelia

(46) Staphysagria

(47) Sulfur

(48) Syphilinum

(49) Thuja Occi

(50) Tuberculinum


Homeopathy bd : The second 50 medicines are widely used.


(51) Abis Nigra

(52) Acid Fluor

(53) Aesculus Hip

(54) Agaricus (Agaricus)

(55) Alumina

(56) Aloe Soc

(57) Anacardium ori (Anacardium ori)

(58) Anacardium Oxi

(59) Antim tart

(60) Argent Nit (Argent Nitric)

(61) Aurum Met

(62) Baryta Carb

(63) Borax

(64) Calc.sulp

(65) Cantharis

(66) Carbo Anim (Carbo Anim)

(67) Chelidonium (Chelidonium)

(68) Cina Maritima

(69) Colocynthis

(70) Conium Mac

(71) Dioscorea (Dioscorea)

(72) Drosera rot (Drosera bota)

(73) Elaps Cor

(74) Formica Rufa

(75) Fraxinus Am

(76) Guaiacum

(77) H.B.S. Agtibe (HBS Agtive)

(78) Hamamelis

(79) Hypericum

(80) Ignatia

(81) Insulinum

(82) Ipecac

(83) Irish Ver

(84) Jaborandi

(85) Kali Brom

(86) Kalmia Lat

(87) Kreosotum

(88) Lachnanthes

(89) Lobelia Erinus (Lobelia Erinus)

(90) Lobelia Inflata (Lobelia Inflata)

(91) Mag Phos

(92) Malandrinum (Malandrinum)

(93) Opium

(94) Petroleum

(95) Petroselinum

(96) Podophylum

(97) Sanguinaria Nitric

(98) Thyroidinum

(99) Uranium Nit

(100) Zincum Met


Location of Homeopathy Board BD

The Bangladesh Homeopathic Board, established in 1972, plays a crucial role in maintaining standards and regulations for homeopathy. This section provides insights into the history and management of the board, highlighting its significance in overseeing homeopathic practices in Bangladesh. In 2023, the name will be changed to: Bangladesh Homeopathy Council, Address: House No-16, Road No-1/A, Nikunj-2, Khilkhet, Dhaka-1229, Phone-8959281-2.


How can I buy homeopathic medicine online from mptcare?

Online shops dedicated to homeopathic medicines have gained popularity in Bangladesh, providing a convenient gateway for accessing remedies. This section explores the features and benefits of these platforms, highlighting their role in making homeopathic medicines easily available nationwide. With homeopathy medicine online shop BD from mptcare delivery services covering all of Bangladesh, these platforms offer a range of medicines for various diseases, accompanied by special benefits. #1 Best Homeopathy Shop Near Me Since 1978. Elevate your well-being at MPTCare, Dhaka, Bangladesh, led by Dr. Nayamot Ullah, BHMS, MBA.

The best homeopathic doctor in Bangladesh

Dr. Nayamot Ullah. Known as one of the best homeopathic doctors in the country, he operates from Motalib Homeo Chamber. Dr. Nayamot Ullah is recognized for his popularity, experience, and modern homeopathy treatments. The section emphasizes the importance of patient history collection and ethical practice in achieving consistent success in homeopathic treatment. He joined national and international webinars, delivered patients online internationally, and wrote lots of books and health bulletins.


The top homeopathic medicine company in Bangladesh

Listing the top homeopathic medicine companies in Bangladesh, this section acknowledges their significant contributions to the field. Companies like Annex Pharmaceuticals, Amoeba Homoeo Laboratory, and Bengal Homoeo Laboratory are highlighted for their role in producing quality homeopathic remedies. The diversity and quality offered by these companies contribute to the availability of a wide range of homeopathic medicines in Bangladesh.


Homeopathy is a quick and permanent cure. The country’s adoption of a holistic policy in healthcare has paved the way for prioritizing personal wellness and natural healing. Emphasizes the importance of proper study for consistent success and ethical practice in homeopathy, emphasizing the need for an extensive reading of homeopathic theory, philosophy, and practice for aspiring physicians.



  1. Which homeopathy company is best?

Famous renown Zoha, Max Fire, and Bengal Homoeopathy Laboratory are recognized in Bangladesh.

2. What is the best medicine in homeopathy?

Homeopathy is a symptom-based treatment; Cantharis is popular.

 3. Is homeopathy better than allopathy?

Of course, homeopathy, because if you want to take medicine from herbs, homeopathy is the best.

 4. Who is the best homeopathic doctor?

The most famous renown, Dr. Nayamot Ullah in Bangladesh, emphasizes natural healing and represents the #1 best homeopathy doctor.


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      প্রথম, বৃহত্তম এবং জনপ্রিয় হোমিওপ্যাথি ওয়েবসাইটগুলির মধ্যে উইকিপিডিয়াতে পাওয়া যাবে। আপনি আমার সাইটে আপডেট পাবেন.

  2. হোমিওপ্যাথি বিডি সাইট থেকে আয়ের একটি অংশ কীভাবে গরীবদের কাছে যায়?

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      আপনি সরাসরি আমাদের সাথে যোগাযোগ করে, একজন কর্মী বা ক্যান্সার স্বেচ্ছাসেবক কার্যক্রমে অংশগ্রহণ করতে পারেন।

  3. শিশুদের উপসর্গ ও হোমিওপ্যাথিক চিকিৎসায় এডিনয়েড বর্ধিত হওয়ার সমস্যায় লক্ষণ ও ওষুধ কী?

    1. আবির
      আমি জানি না, এটা গুরুত্বপূর্ণ যে আপনি একজন ডাক্তারের সাথে পরামর্শ করুন।

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